camera software sucks

What is the deal with the digital camera manufacturers? Their software absolutely sucks if you want to print a picture. I don’t want to create an album or a slide-show. I want to print a picture. Seems like a simple concept, right?

We purchased a Canon CP-200 photo printer — it creates excellent prints. Unfortunately, Canon has no clue about how to write software. [I knew this before I purchased it, but the clear coating on the prints was not offered by other printers in this price range]. Maybe I’m jaded because I have used computers too long. However, my wife is not indoctrinated and she is equally confused by Canon’s crazy interface.

Enter the Kodak Easy Share which we downloaded in hopes of replacing the Canon Zoom EX software. Apparently, the same Indian programming team that wrote the Canon software also works for Kodak. Not only is this equally confusing – we cannot even add pictures from a shared network drive.

So, to summarize, I have two photo imaging programs and neither will allow me to print any picture I want unless I first create a project / album. Then, I still can’t actually print a picture. No, I have to select from the album which picture(s) I want to print and then try to print. Of course, the Canon software requires 2 more steps before you can get a photo printed (that’s 5 steps if you’re keeping score). We can’t even get any images into the Kodak program to print because we cannot import them…

Anyone have any recommendations for W2K photo imaging software? Check that, any recommendations for W2K photo imaging software that is simple to use?

Rapids 1-0 over Metrostars

The good news: The Rapids passed the ball crisply and generated numerous excellent scoring chances.

The bad news: What should have been a 4-0 route was a 1-0 win. Jordan ‘All 3 of my MLS goals are agains the Metrostars’ Cila pounced on a mishandled ball and chipped in the game winner in the 58th minute. It capped an excellent sequence for the Rapids – one of the best this season.

Perez – aka Pedro Delgado came in for Cila with about 30 minutes to go in the match. He should have stayed on the bench as once again, he ran away from the opposing defense, only to slip once and send a bad pass to Spencer another time – a 2 on 1 opportunity that was surely a goal.

At this point for the Rapids, three points earned at home is excellent. My faith in their ability to produce results in the MLS Cup is low. They have to score more often – they have to bury those chances like Spencer had early when he knocked an easy goal off the frame.

rapids over fire 3-0

Alas, another away game in Chicago with no TV broadcast. The Rapids were ready to pounce on the poor-performing Fire this week. In case you missed it, the Rapids sucked over the past 6 games, but finally showed some backbone in the final 17 minutes against DC United on Wednesday. In addition, the last game in Chicago was a 1-0 Fire win on a mistake goal, awarded by the referee. In short, the Rapids – if ever there were a time this season – were motivited.

The three second-half goals matched the Rapids highest output for a single game this season. Chung and Crawford blasted shots from 30+ yards to score in the upper left and right corner of the goal. Both were great shots and Captain John Spencer found the goal again for the second consecutive game to cap the scoring in the 80th minute. Joe Cannon notched his MLS League-Leading 8th clean sheet of the season.

With 8 weeks to go in the MLS regular season, the Rapids may feel some confidence from this game. I’m not convinced that they will qualify for the MLS Cup and this road win against the worst team in MLS will not erase 6 weeks of horrific performances by a largely unmotivated team.

With K.C. losing 2-0 to San Jose and the Burn self-destructing, things in the MLS Western Conference are getting interesting. The Rapids are back in third place holding a slim 2 point lead over San Jose and a 3 point lead over the Burn [aka FC Dallas]. Look for San Jose to storm by – if San Jose can figure out how to win consistently on the road — Landon Donovan looked awesome in his two goals against K.C.

P.S. Fire Hanki…

“Capitalism is the devil’s wet dream.”

Inc. Magazine interview (August, 2004 Issue) quoted that Ani DiFranco song lyric. Until I started reading Salon, I never heard of Ani DiFranco. Based only on this article, she seems to be a complex person, fully of dichotomies.

Inc. Magazine published a picture of her wearing the dreaded ‘I had an abortion‘ t-shirt. It is too much for me to bear: a person proclaiming that she had an abortion declaring the evils of capitalism. Abortion, which kills people directly is inherently evil. Capitalism is merely unfair. People are not killed because of capitalism – maybe you could argue neglect of some people ‘by the system’ indirectly kills them; but this is not the fault of capitalism.

I could go on a long diatribe about how capitalism [like democracy] is not ideal. Too much power in too few hands, etc. I agree generally with such criticisms. Unfortunately, just like democracy as a form of government, capitalism as an economic system is better than anything else tried in history.

Communism and socialism as economic systems do not work : they underestimate the inherent nature of mankind: free will. As long we have free will, capitalism will be the only successful economic system. Free will means that some people are selfish; and thus will not care about others. Free will also means that other people are compassionate and can actually improve the lives of others.

Ani DiFranco’s company sounds charitable: they give health insurance to roadies, do not outsource their 800 number, etc. These are excellent examples of what a compasionate person can do when they are running a company. Too bad if the U.S. did not operate under capitalism, you would not enjoy the freedom to make these business choices — neither would the many other charitable companies around the country.

She’s angry that the “the power structure” recognizes her as a “business pioneer”. If you build a successful business, this is the result: other people look to the reasons why, in hopes of emulating your success as a business woman. They are not interested in your motivations for being charitable toward your employees.

I admire her willingness to be compassionate toward her employees. Were more companies to act on this motivation than on profit, capitalism would be lauded far and wide. Unfortunately, the abortion shirt is hard for me to accept and understand. Luckily, I can use my capital to avoid buying Ani DiFranco albums. I would hate to contribute to her anti-capitalism wealth [Inc Magazine estimates close to $1M in profit of her companies] and pro-abortion sentiments.