7 Quick Takes Friday (#6)

7 Quick Takes, hosted by ConversionDiary.com

— 1 —

CatholicBoyRichard, my brother in Christ, reblogged a great post No BOOGEY-MEN! Perceptions vs. realities of the Catholic Church.  It’s an interesting view of a former Protestant and the inconsistencies he discovered when he dove into the deep end.

— 2 —

Magnetic Christianity is a unique blend of motivational, positive mental attitude and self-help thinking, all with a Biblical perspective. It will help you to identify, understand and enhance the gifts that God has given you to live a fuller life. But more importantly, it will enable you to draw others to Christ and build the Kingdom of God. After all, isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing?

— 3 —

I learned from Brandon Vogt’s interview of Marc Barnes, the author of Bad Catholic (an awesome blog) is a mere 18 years old.  So I stumbled upon How to Pray Badly on Marc’s blog.  A good read for reflection on saints.

— 4 —

I love split pea soup and I found at my local grocery store ‘Sarah’s spicy split pea soup mix’ from the Women’s Bean Project.  They “are a nonprofit organization that teaches job readiness and life skills for entry-level jobs through employm!ent in our gourmet food production and handmade jewelry manufacturing businesses. Women come with the goal of transforming their lives and moving toward self sufficiency.”

— 5 —

Fasting is a popular topic for Lent.  Here’s an interesting view of fasting from St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis de Sales, Pope Benedict XVI, and from scripture.

— 6 —

The Reverend Know-It-All is a treasure trove of Q&A from Saint Lambert Parish in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

— 7 —

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday (#6)

  1. I love the Rev. Know-It-All!
    I can’t believe Marc Barnes is only 18. God has certainly gifted him. I wonder if anyone can recognize His gifts in me the way I can in Marc… I’m pretty sure my gift is not for writing!

    1. Me neither. I’ve been sitting here reading Bad Catholic for months, thinking the author is … well .. older … He’s the product of excellent early catechesis. Let’s hope is provides a beacon for others his age. I know that the transition from adolescent to adult is full of peril.

      I bet if you asked those who know you well, they can identify your gifts!

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