Win a book if you participate in a Week of Lectio Divina!

Win a copy of Dr. Tim Gray's book!

I mentioned last week that I attended a workshop on Lectio Divina, presented by Dr. Tim Gray.  Dr. Gray wrote a book called Praying Scripture for a Change.  He lives in the Denver area (where I live) and is an Associate Professor of Scripture at the Augustine Institute.

I also wrote one of my closest friends, Charlie and I are working through a set of weekly Lenten exercises from That Man Is You.  We have talked each week for an hour about the prior week’s activities.  It is spiritual co-direction and is bearing fruit for both of us.

Apparently, the Holy Spirit wants us to practice Lectio Divina because after I hung up this morning with Charlie, I turned to this week’s exercise:  The Ascent of the Mind of God.  The exercise is to practice 7 days of scripture reflection using Lectio Divina!

I thought it would bear spiritual fruit to invite my blog friends to join in.  So each day, I will post the scripture passage in the morning.  Then I will update it in the evening with my reflection based on Lectio Divina.  I will include at the top of each post, a brief reminder on the process of Lectio Divina’s four steps:  reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation.

I invite you to write a post on your blog and then use a Linky Link to share it here so that we can easily read one another’s reflections on the same passage.

This week, if you post on your blog at least one reflection based on the Lectio Divina scripture reading (all will be from the Gospel According to Matthew), I will enter you into a drawing to win a FREE copy of Praying Scripture for a Change.  I hope to reach Dr. Gray this week and ask him to sign and dedicate a copy to the winner.

Look for the first post tomorrow (Sunday).

Please reblog or tweet this post out so we can include our friends in Christ!

4 thoughts on “Win a book if you participate in a Week of Lectio Divina!

  1. I love Dr Gray’s book. Well well done. I love doing lectio divina. I usually did it sporadically but I am doing it more often now. I have a full week but I will enjoy reading your’s!

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