Do you have a spiritual director?

Dan Burke's Book
Dan Burke’s Book

Over on LinkedIn this week, there were a couple of discussions in the Catholic Professionals group regarding a new book called Navigating the Interior Life by Dan Burke.

I received a copy of it and although I am not finished reading it, I am thoroughly excited about its existence and the good fortune poured upon me that landed a copy into my hands.

Since I converted to Catholicism 12 years ago, I have failed to even begin a search for a spiritual director.  My confessor (usually Fr. Marty) provides a lot of guidance in confession but 10 minutes a month is not enough.

Honestly, I do not think until I accepted the Holy Spirit into my heart, I would not have benefited from spiritual direction.  I would have been too willing to play the part of perfect student.  As I grow in experience raising my two children and leading my home in our faith, I recognize the significance of humility as a requirement for true learning.

One of the problems faced by the Church is that there are just not enough priests to provide spiritual direction to the hundreds of millions of Catholics.  I think this book can help all of us understand more about the importance of a director to grow our spiritual lives.

From the back cover of Navigating the Interior Life, Dan Burke states that Spiritual Direction is:

• Understanding the general direction or trajectory of one’s soul
• Working with a spiritual guide to help unite one’s soul to God and find peace and joy through the pursuit of His will and ways
• A process of growing in holiness

What resonates with this book for me as a convert is that I feel as Dan Burke describes his feelings after his conversion.

“My conversion provided the next significant leap in my life of faith as I quickly realized that I could not sit passively in the pew each Sunday and go about my life as if nothing had happened. Christ was calling me to something more.”

My dear Christian friend Charlie and I have become spiritual mentors of one another this year.  We have worked through a couple of different books, one during Lent and more recently the second year of That Man Is You!  We both believe that the Holy Spirit speaks through us, especially as we recall Matthew 18:20:

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

I have learned so much from my weekly conversations with Charlie that begin to see the value in a spiritual director.

Check out for more interesting work from a bunch of folks interested in spiritual direction.

Remember to pray for the priestly vocation.  If you are a young man, please visit and learn more about this important endeavor.

There is I think great wisdom ahead as I read this book.

In the meantime, I’m wondering: does anyone have a spiritual director?

Deus tibi benedicas!

P.S.  Check out ‘s article where she interviews three priests on Spiritual Direction.

2 thoughts on “Do you have a spiritual director?

  1. I’ve had a spiritual director for about six years now. I highly recommend finding a good priest who is well versed in dogma, theology and canon law. A SD is important, especially when it comes to questions regarding the Faith.

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