How The Rosary Saved Me

This August, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Real Men Pray the Rosary (RMPTR).  At first, I was not sure it was necessary to accept their 33 day Challenge because I had already had a life-changing experience, thanks to the veneration of Mary through the Rosary.

Here is that story.

In 2010, I took the next big step in my corporate career, working for a large company.  I started this company 12 years earlier and won promotions and bonuses consistently to the point where I was named to lead a large department of 110 people.

Along with the promotion was my nomination to complete the SIM Regional Leadership Forum.  My intuition told me that this was too much to take on but my ego said, “no problem.”

Although I completed RLF and it was a wonderful experience, I failed in my new job.  Instead of hard work and dedication, I allowed myself to believe my own press.  I failed to deliver on a strategic project for the group.  I slowly lost credibility and was consistently and publicly criticized by the leader of our organization (CIO).  I became a corporate leper.

The rest of my life was also in shambles.  My marriage was crumbling.  My children were foreign to me.  I was angry and tense.  I considered divorce and running away to the east coast in hopes that my life would improve magically.  I had sown these seeds when I let my ego and careerism control my being.

As the calendar turned to 2011, work slowed considerably.  Things were getting worse and I needed to articulate my exit plan.  The slow time allowed me the opportunity to ride my bike to work.  It was 20 miles round-trip and I began to ride most days.

Along these rides, I started praying the Rosary.  I can’t remember exactly why I started praying it each day.  As I recited the decades, I tried to meditate on the Rosary Mysteries.  I used to carry a printout of them in my hand so I could refer to them while on the bike.

It felt cathartic.  My frustration with my choices began to fade.  My heart began to turn toward God.  Instead of being an intellectual Christian, my heart began to convert and I began to understand the life and sacrifices of his Son, Jesus.

Praying the Rosary saved me.  It saved me from my selfishness and self-pity.  It saved me from making terrible, life-destroying choices (like divorce) and helped me realize that I was in this mess because I was not giving my life over to God and his will for me.  Praying the Rosary opened my life to a richer existence in practicing my faith.

So, two years later as I read more about the RMPTR 33 day challenge, I ultimately decided to take the challenge.  I did it twice this summer and fall.  It reminded me of my 2011 summer bike rides that saved my life.

Consider taking the RMPTR 33 day challenge.  Pray 1 day for each year of our savior, Jesus Christ.  Consider his sacrifices for our sins.  Beg our Lord for mercy and give thanks for the Rosary Mysteries.

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